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3D Pirate Flag +

開発者 Memory Lane

Jolly Roger pirate flag waving in thunderstorm! A live wallpaper app with 16 different pirate flags! Real pirate flags used by famous pirate like Edward Low, Blackbeard etc! APP HIGHLIGHTS==============✔ Real OpenGL 3D animation! Not a video loop or animated gif!✔ Fully interactive! Shake phone, blow wind or touch screen to let the pirate flag fly!✔ Floating cloud, thunderstorm, snowing, starry night etc animated background effect!✔ Old and tattered flag!✔ Different flag texture!✔ Lighting control!✔ Use own image as flag!✔ Draw, write or sign on flag!✔ Use own photo as background!✔ Use own audio file as national anthem!✔ Use battery level to simulate wind strength!✔ Capture screenshot with Snap! and send to friend!✔ Optimize for both tablet and phone, portrait and landscape mode!✔ Set as live wallpaper or run as standalone app!
FLAG CONTROL============> Double tap to start/stop wind> Double tap to start/stop background music> Scroll up/down to raise/lower flag
PERMISSION==========> Record audio permission use for blow to fly flag feature
CREDITS=======Some background scene use in this app are from creative commons. Below are their respected links. Thanks for sharing such great photos!